The Most Commonly Used Terms Used in Audio Editing

There is perhaps a small audio editor inside everyone who loves music. Everyone has their own precise ideas regarding the manner in which music must sound. The appropriate audio editor or recording software might be able to assist us in flexing that muscle, whether we are having a shot at breaking into the music industry or solely trying to single out the best segment of our desired song to make your smartphone’s ringtone. Either chore might be unnerving in case you have never utilized audio editing software previously since the terminology might sound really extraneous.

Hence, today we have listed a few terms that are pretty likely to obscure you and described them for fast reference:


This means to upturn the volume of sound, generally by means of an amplifier, which adjusts the ratio of the input and output audio signal, commonly measured in the unite named decibels, along with the gain control.


As far as audio editing is concerned, this signifies to diminish the level of a sound or signal; fundamentally, it is the contrary of amplifying. This is frequently accomplished through those EQ filters. A lot of audio editing beginners might recognize how to cut audio in Audacity software but they might not know how they will be able to attenuate an audio recording in the desired section.

Band Pass Filter

This is a really prevalent tool used in several audio editing and recording software that permits you to entitle which frequencies are going to be impacted and which are going to pass through a definite filter unaffected.


This is fundamentally the dynamic volume control. The compressor is an audio modifying tool utilized to diminish any audio signal’s range, turning the louder sounds softer and soft sounds flamboyant to balance out the whole volume. A compressor is one among the fundamental and regularly used technique as far as audio production is concerned, together with the equalizers.

DC Offset

It is the value of the voltage that might be affixed to the sound in transition. The audio recording and editing software often comprise of a filter to remove it since it comprises of no audio info.


An abbreviation used for Fast Fourier Transform, it is a procedure that assists the audio editing and recording software in making intellectual corrections to music, leveling amplitude, and effecting other minor changes to develop the whole audio quality of the composition.


These are basically the loud, unexpected noises that are generally perceived in the older audio recordings. The software for recording audio and editing commonly has tools to eradicate these sounds from the audio.

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